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Our Beans, Our Process

Explore our unique coffee sourcing from sustainable farms around the globe, including Brazil, Honduras, India, and Mexico. Discover the careful blending process behind our distinctive decaf and low-caf coffee blends.

The Origins of Our Beans

Our coffee beans are sourced from diverse regions across the globe, each contributing a unique touch to our blends.

Brazil: In Brazil, we partner with a farm that focuses on sustainable coffee production. The plantation features ideal environmental conditions for premium coffee growth and supports housing for 23 families. The farm is Utz Certified and awarded the Rainforest Alliance seal for its sustainable coffee production practices.

Honduras: Our Honduran beans are sourced from a farm that employs a unique organic fertilization process using coffee pulp. The beans undergo a 36-hour fermentation process followed by a drying period of about seven days to perfect the flavor.

India: In India, we work with an organic farm that focuses on producing sustainable products. The beans grown here mature and ripen slowly under various species of shade trees, accumulating more taste and nutrients, which results in a full-bodied and smooth cup.

Mexico: Mexico is renowned for its ideal coffee-growing climate. The beans here are shaped long and wide, proving to be perfect for maintaining their taste characteristics after decaffeination. The farm utilizes the

Mountain Water Process to decaffeinate the beans, resulting in a 99.9% caffeine-free coffee bean, yet still retaining its rich aroma and taste.


Our Blending Process

We carefully blend our beans to achieve the distinct taste of our decaf and low-caf blends.

For our decaf blend, we use a mix of 84% Arabica beans from South and Central America and 16% Indian Robusta coffee beans. The blend is unique for its chocolatey overtones and fruit-bowl zestiness, creating a powerful flavor for a decaffeinated coffee.

For our low-caf blend, we combine five different beans, predominantly Arabica, to create a coffee that’s rich, complex, with chocolate and toffee notes. This blend is 60% decaf and 40% regular, providing a full-body taste with a modest caffeine kick.

Our decaffeination process

Our coffee beans and grounds are naturally decaffeinated using only water. First, our green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to dissolve caffeine. This water is then filtered to remove caffeine but keep flavor compounds. This flavor-saturated, decaffeinated water is reintroduced to the Nolo beans to remove any remaining caffeine, leaving the beans' flavor intact. The beans are then dried and ready for roasting—full of rich Nolo flavor.


Journey to you

From sustainable farming to ethical sourcing, we are committed to not only providing a great cup of caffeine-conscious coffee but also caring for the planet we live in and the communities we work with.