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    At Nolo, we’re crafting the next generation of coffee, made for those who don’t compromise on health or taste. Deliciously smooth, ethically sourced, and blended with 100% naturally decaf coffee.

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  • 1% for the Planet

    Our capsules are industrially-compostable and our packaging is recyclable. We donate a percentage of our revenue to environmental causes, certified by 1% For The Planet.

  • Ethically Sourced

    We care about our process and our people. All our coffee blends are ethically sourced from farms across Central and South America as well as India.

  • Naturally decaffeinated

    Our coffee beans and grounds are naturally decaffeinated using only water to keep the rich Nolo flavour.

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  • "From the moment I tasted Nolo, I knew I had found my perfect coffee. Controlled caffeine, amazing taste, and eco-friendly. What more could you want?"

    - Emily

  • "The decaf coffee beans are delicious. I’ve been drinking decaf for years, this is the best I’ve tried."

    - Andrew

  • "Recently I've been cutting back on caffeine and I'm exploring both low caf and decaf. The flavour is pretty good. Definitely will be ordering more.”

    - Robin

Nolo Caffeine Conscious Coffee
Micro-dosed caffeine
Control your caffeine intake
Balanced energy
Feel great throughout the entire day
Reduced anxiety and better mood
Controlling your caffeine can improve your mood
Better sleep
Enjoy Nolo in the evening without worrying about caffeine half life
Delicious and robust taste
Carefully blended beans to create a unique flavour profile
Environmentally conscious
Eco friendly process and packaging
Generic Coffee Brands
No caffeine clarity
Unclear how much caffeine you are consuming
Energy dips
Too much caffeine in the morning causes crashes in the afternoon
Increase risk of anxiety
Caffeine consumption can aggravate anxiety
Sleep disturbance
Drinking too much caffeine can reduce the quality of your sleep
Blend decaf options
Decaf coffee is an after thought for other brands
Questionable practices
Coffee industry employs unsustainable practices.