Caffeine : the Lowdown

At Nolo, we're all about conscious choices. Dive into the world of caffeine, and let's explore together.

What's Caffeine, Anyway?

Caffeine is that natural kick found in coffee, tea, cola and energy drinks. It nudges away adenosine, a sleepy brain chemical, making us feel more awake and alert.

  • Dreamy Sleep

    Too much caffeine might play hide and seek with your sleep.

  • Stay Calm

     Overdoing it? You might feel a tad more jittery.

  • Sturdy Bones

    Go easy on caffeine to keep those bones dancing.

  • Heart Beats

    While a cup or two is alright, don't let caffeine set your heart racing.

How Does Caffeine Affect Your Body?

  • Foggy Focus:  Sure, caffeine might seem like your focus-friend at first, but it's really just borrowing energy from later. You'll pay back that 'loan' with interest in the form of brain-fog and a real slump.

  • Jittery Jolts: That caffeine kick? It's not superhero energy; it's more like a stress response, tricking your body into thinking it's go-time, all the time. Hello, unnecessary jitters!

  • Bathroom Bonanza: Caffeine loves to keep you on your toes and… running to the restroom. 

  • Crash & Crave? Regular brews can turn into a sneaky habit. Miss your usual cup, and your body throws a mini tantrum, complete with mood swings and a pounding head. Not so fun, right?