Coffee Facts

  • Caffeine can be good in the right amounts

    Daily recomended intake :

    Adults; 300 mg/day, Pregnancy: 200mg/day, Fertility: 200m-300mg/day Breastfeeding : 200mg/day

    A Starbucks Tall Latte has 150mg

    A Starbucks Grande Coffee 310mg

    A Costa Coffee Large Americano has a whopping 370mg

    A Small Costa Flat White contains 277mg

    *From our friends at Caffeine Informer!

    Think before you drink!

  • Micro-dosing caffeine

    Its a thing.....

    Recent trials found that consuming caffeine at doses within and lower than the range contained in a single serving, caffeinated drink, can significantly improve cognitive performance. More and it will do the opposite.

    Nolo gives you the chance to enjoy your favourite drink but not the downsides and it seems it might even make you smarter.

    Low Caffeine for the afternoon to keep you on a level

    Decaf all the way until you sleep.

  • Pregnancy and caffeine

    On a serious note -

    Caffeine has been associated with abnormalities in sperm DNA affecting male fertility.

    Anything over 300mg/day is associated with increased risk of miscarriage. Caffeine consumption during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of birth defects and low birth weight. When breastfeeding it is associated with increased infant colic, and exacerbation of infant atopic dermatitis.

  • Caffeine overdose symptoms

    Ok well i am sure you are aware of some of these bad boys....

    Jitters, Scattered Thoughts, Excessive talking, Inability to focus on anything, Elevated blood pressure, Anxiety, Insomnia, The Sweats, Gastrointestinal disturbance (yes - its that, but said nicely)

    Swap to NOLO today.

  • Get your vitamin B in

    Who knew Coffee had vitamins!

    One cup contains a moderate amount of vitamins B5, B2, B1 and B3, several cups will add significantly to meeting the recommended daily intake!

    The decaffeination process does not deplete the vitamins!
    Why a picture of a dog? Was cute.......

  • Coffee contains complex mixtures of bioactive compounds

    Alright, sounds a bit much - but it's thought to be a good thing for health.

    As to why this could be is still not fully understood but it’s thought to be due to anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.

    Biohacking made easy. Drink your favourite beverage and get all the good stuff.