Collection: Low-caf

Our Low-caffeine coffee is perfect if you’re looking for a little caffeine kick without the caffeine drama.


Most coffee lovers have no idea how much caffeine is in their coffee, and as a result have to be careful with their coffee consumption because just a little too much and caffeine’s downsides like jitters, anxiety, dehydration, headaches and poor sleep start to appear. So instead of opting for coffee without caffeine, the idea of Low Caffeine coffee is compelling - a measured amount of caffeine that you can easily control. This is exactly what Nolo’s Low Caffeine Coffee does - giving you 40% the caffeine of a regular coffee - by combining 60% Decaffeinated coffee beans with 40% regular caffeinated beans. All the beans are carefully selected into delicious blends, and the ones to be decaffeinated are treated only with clean water decaffeination - no chemicals - so the flavour stays in the bean. This way you get to enjoy a delicious specialty coffee with a manageable boost of caffeine - so the risk of jitters, anxiety and poor sleep is not something you need to worry about. 

To some coffee lovers the idea of coffee with no caffeine seems pointless, but they remain apprehensive about drinking coffee later than lunch or mid-afternoon for fear it will give them a poor night’s sleep. So ironically enjoyment of the world’s favourite beverage is inhibited by the caffeine it’s being consumed for in the first place. A Low Caffeine Coffee like Nolo’s new breakthrough could be the answer to the problem. Nolo provides a controlled level of caffeine - 40% of a regular cup of coffee - in a small enough dose that enjoying an afternoon coffee is no longer out of the question. And for the caffeine sensitive - where it’s easy to suddenly have too much caffeine and suffer the consequences - a controlled dose of Nolo Low Caffeine coffee is a great way to still enjoy the buzz of coffee any time of the day without making the jump to coffee without caffeine. 

Enjoying coffee is a great way to help us feel in control of our day. It’s a routine, a way to manage the day ahead, a special ritual. But have too much caffeine and suddenly caffeine controls you and how you feel - with jitters, anxiety and headaches. It’s a gamble how much is too much. With Nolo Low Caffeine coffee you can still enjoy caffeinated coffee, but in controlled doses - 40% as much as a regular cup of coffee to be precise. This way you know how much caffeine you’re having, and it’s easier to feel out what the right amount is for you. If you feel like you should be considering coffee without caffeine but still really enjoy caffeinated coffee, then a Low Caffeine option could be just what you’re looking for.