Our Story

The Founders

Back in 2022, a coffee lover, a fitness fanatic, and a caffeine-intolerant started talking about coffee – specifically, the complicated relationship they each had with caffeine.

They imagined a company which sold coffee that each of them could enjoy. Coffee that finally struck a balance between health, wellness, and the boost we all need from time to time.

And with that, they created Nolo: The first company to produce exclusively decaf and low-caf coffee blends, intended to be enjoyed any time, any place, anywhere, by anyone – even the caffeine-sensitive.

The Mission

Here’s the thing: Humans have been drinking coffee for hundreds of years. And yet, despite how much our lives have changed in that time, the bean has remained the same, loaded with so much caffeine that many people can’t enjoy it – while others simply won’t risk the rush that follows a good cup.

So at Nolo, we bring the bean back in balance. Using a gentle water process, we’re able to produce both decaffeinated blends that retain all of their rich, original flavour, as well as low caf blends that contain greatly reduced caffeine compared to a typical cup.

That’s it.

Delicious tasting coffee, with a little less caffeine.

Coffee you’ll want to drink every day – not because you need to, but because you want to.