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At Nolo Decaf Coffee and Low Caffeine coffee is all we make, so we’ve made it taste amazing. We source our coffee beans ethically from small suppliers, and then our experienced Nolo Guru crafts incredible blends you wouldn’t previously have associated with coffee without caffeine. We then decaffeinate using clean water decaffeination - no chemicals - which keeps the flavour in the bean. And finally we Medium Roast to maximise the flavour and taste from decaffeinated beans. The result is the most delicious Decaf Coffee and Low Caffeine coffee you’ve probably ever tasted. 

At Nolo we’re passionate about Decaf Coffee because the way we make it there really are no downsides to drinking coffee without caffeine. With crafted, high quality Decaf Coffee you get all the enjoyment of the comforting routines and rituals coffee provides, the full sensory experience of the aroma, taste and warmth, and the self-care of making coffee just for you or the enjoyment of sharing coffee with others. Enjoying coffee without caffeine has the benefits of less anxiety, jitters, disrupted sleep, headaches and dehydration that come with too much caffeine. We’re in it for the love of coffee. Not caffeine. 

There’s a perception that Decaf coffee or coffee without caffeine doesn’t taste as good as caffeinated coffee. In the past that has been true - often it was the leftover beans that were used for Decaf, and they were decaffeinated via processes using chemicals like Ethyl Acetate or Methylene Chloride - which strip flavour from the bean. Finally these beans were often over roasted in bulk - which again diminishes their flavour. Put these factors together and it makes sense that Decaf coffee didn’t taste as good.  Fortunately today Nolo makes Decaf Coffee very differently: first we carefully craft our blends from a range of specialty beans. Second we decaffeinate using only clean water decaffeination - no chemicals and the flavour stays in the bean.  And then we Medium Roast which is optimum for maximising the flavour of a decaffeinated bean. That is how Nolo achieves delicious coffee without caffeine.