A few tips on how to get the most out of your pods!

How to get the best from your pods

Both our No and Lo capsules are designed for Espresso.

That’s a single 25ml – 30ml shot of thick flavourful extracted coffee, with a natural golden layer of crema on top. It should look like a mini-Guinness™ !

Storing your Nolo pods

Keep them out of direct sunlight and preferably in an airtight tin.

Are Nolo pods compostable?

Our coffee pods and their top seals are compostable.

Nolo pods are certified both industrially and home compostable, as well as recyclable. This means they are certified to be safely put in your home composter or, even better, your food waste bin to biodegrade to nothing over a certain period of time. Read more here.

Why does water matter?

Bear in mind that 98% of an espresso is water, so the water quality plays a huge part in the taste of the coffee.

The most sustainable way to ensure best water quality – short of buying bottled water – is to invest in a water filter jug, such as a Brita™ jug filter, and filter your tap water. Make sure you filter your water before adding to your Nespresso™ machines’ water tank. This will remove the taste and aroma-impairing contaminants, odours, chlorine, and sediment. If you live in a hard-water area, this will also help prevent lime-scale or calcium build-up.

Always eject your Pod after making coffee

Eject your used pods by simply lifting the lever on top of the machine. This helps keep the extraction chamber inside your machine clean and fresh.

Descale your machine regularly

This helps prevent the build-up of calcium deposits, particularly in hard-water regions of the world, and prevents potential blockages of the pipework inside your Nespresso™ machine. It also helps your coffee to taste fresh!

What machines can I use?

Any classic Nespresso® compatible machine.

They are NOT compatible with Vertuo® machines (the big dome ones that look like UFOs).

How do I make different coffee drinks?


1 pod with a 25-30ml pour of coffee
in your shot glass. For those that need it spelt out. Put one pod in the machine and press the small "single cup" button. Don't forget to put the glass under the dispenser.

Lungo or Caffe Americano

This literaly means "Long" in Italian.

Pour an espresso shot as above and eject the pod and repeat. Then top this up with hot water.

Use a kettle or use the Nespresso™ machine to top up. Dont leave the pod in.....you will just get a nasty bitter flavour!

Caffe Latte

Make a Nolo single pod espresso in a small shot glass.

You will need a steamer for this bit! Pour cold milk into a tall (300ml or so) heat-proof glass, or stainless-steel frothing jug. Steam the
milk with a steam-wand if your machine has one, until it has a froth on top. If not you can buy seperate steamers!

Pour your shot of Nolo™ coffee through the milk.

A great latte should be 10% coffee, 80% Hot milk and 10% froth!

Dairy free?.....switch to Oat milk, Soy or Almond milk. There are so many to choose from now.


Make a Nolo single espresso capsule.

You will need a steamer for this bit! Pour approx. 75-80ml cold milk into a stainless-steel frothing jug.

Steam the milk with a steam-wand if your machine has one, keeping the tip of the steam wand just beneath the surface of the milk, as the milk rises with heat until it has a velvety smooth froth!

Pour your frothed milk over the espresso shot in your cup, ensuring the froth pours into the mix as well. Spoon additional froth on top of the mixture.

Your cappuccino should be made up of approximately 1/3 coffee, 1/3
hot milk, and 1/3  froth on top.

Flat White

Make two Nolo single espresso capsules in a round bottomed cup (125-150ml)

Pour approx. 45-50ml cold milk into a stainless-steel frothing jug. Its that steamer again.

Steam the milk with a steam-wand if your machine has one, keeping the tip of the steam wand close to the middle of the milk, not on the bottom of the jug, so you don’t burn the milk.

Using the steam wand to heat rather than froth the milk (the word ‘flat’ in
Flat-White is a hint that you don’t want too much froth on this drink !)

Once your milk is heated, remove the frothing jug from the steam wand, and swirl the milk and froth to
mix into a velvety smooth mixture, and to get rid of any excess air bubbles, then pour your hot milk over the espresso shots in your cup; You’ll have a thin layer of froth on top of the finished mixture.

Your Flat White should be made up of approximately 50% coffee and 50% hot milk, with a very
small amount of froth on top.



Ice Cubes

40ml Vodka (We like Absolut)

20ml Kahlua

1 pod Decaf Nolo

A couple of beans for garnish

Mode Emploi

Whack all the wet stuff in a mixer and shake....Chuck a few beans ontop.

Drink a few as they taste great and still Sleep.......