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Low Caffeine Whole Beans

Low Caffeine Whole Beans


Our original low-caf coffee blend, made with supremely rich coffee from sustainable farms, and treated with a gentle water process to reduce its caffeine content compared to a typical cup. Good for all preparation methods. The grind? We’ll leave that up to you.


Composition: 80% Decaf, 20% Regular

Beans: 90% Arabica, 10% Robusta

Origin: Brazil, Honduras, India, Mexico

Roast: Medium

Flavour profile

Chocolate, Zesty, Nutmeg

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Customer Reviews

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Davin Brunsta
Glad these are back in stock!

Now I can drink coffee all day / night. Tried making an oat milk latte at home too. with these beans. pretty tasty but not as good as your cans ....

Why Nolo?

Whether you’re cutting your caffeine down or out, we’ve got the coffee for you. Choose from decaf and reduced blends, available in whole beans, ground, or convenient instant pods. Oh yeah – we do iced coffee cans too.

Cut the Caf
Caffeine at levels you can enjoy all day long
A Balanced Boost
Picks you up, and won’t drop you back down
So long, shakes
Goodbye anxiety, shakes or jitters
Sleep easy
No caffeine spikes keeping you up all night
Dawn ‘til dusk
Safe to enjoy all day, every day. And trust us – you’ll want to
Tastes good. Really good.
Our gentle water process removes the caffeine and leaves the flavor. All of it


How do I use Nolo coffee?

Using Nolo coffee is as simple as brewing your favorite cup of joe. You can use our beans or grounds in any coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. If you're a fan of cold brew or pour-over, Nolo works great there too! Just follow your normal brewing methods and enjoy.

Can everyone drink Nolo?

Absolutely, Nolo is designed to be enjoyed by coffee lovers of all kinds. Whether you're vegan, pregnant, or just looking to reduce your caffeine intake, Nolo is a wonderful option. Please remember, though, if you have any known allergies to coffee or specific health concerns, it's always a good idea to check in with your doctor first.

Is your coffee organic? Fair trade?

We take great pride in sourcing our coffee responsibly. Every bean we use is grown on organic farms and is also fair trade. We believe in supporting sustainable farming practices and providing fair conditions for our coffee farmers.

What is 1% for the planet?

1% for the Planet is an organization that businesses like us join to commit 1% of our annual sales to environmental causes. We believe in giving back to the planet that gives us our wonderful coffee beans.

Where is your coffee sourced from?

We source our coffee beans from the rich soils of South and Central America, as well as South Asia. We strive to find the best beans, focusing on regions known for their exceptional coffee-growing conditions and farms with ethical growing practices. For a complete list of our sourcing, click here

What is the difference between low and decaf coffee?

Our low-caffeine coffee still contains a small amount of caffeine, about 40% of what a normal cup contains. Our decaf coffee has virtually all its caffeine removed. Nolo offers a balance for those who want a reduced caffeine intake without completely giving it up.

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